What Is A Trichoplax?

A Trichoplax is one of the simplest organisms you can find. It has no discernible organs or structure, and is basically a flat blob of tissue that moves around. Is it alive? I don't know. But I thought I'd ruminate on other conundrums in this space.

I Agree

Time Poll Was Hacked

So if you take a look at a
recent poll by Time Magazine to determine the top 100 most influential people in the world, you'll notice that the first 21 people on the list spell out the peculiar phrase, "Marblecake also the game." Obviously, Time Magazine didn't intend for this to be. No, the vote was hacked by a group of hackers that go by the name 4chan, with their founder as the top result in the poll. Hilariously, Time is going ahead with the results, claiming to have avoided the hacks 4chan used. I find really amusing that old-school institutions are seemingly oblivious to how "new-school" tactics can totally change the game. You can read more about how 4chan pulled this off here.